Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am convinced that part of every remodeling project is an "emotional bottom." There comes that point where the project has lingered on so long, cost so much, and/or hit yet another snag that it sends the remodeler into a state of despair. 

Whether you are living in the remodel or staying at a hotel or trying to meet a deadline, I think those of us who take on these projects know this stage far too well. 

I do believe we've hit that point in this beach house remodel.

Three days ago Chris woke up at the beach house with some serious swelling on his arm. Serious. He had been complaining about a cut on his arm that wasn't healing throughout the week. It went from a pimple-sized bump to a quarter-sized bump to a softball size bump with chills, nausea, and fever in the course of 3 days.

Thank God for the Ocracoke Health Clinic. They diagnosed him with a staph infection, gave him a shot in his hiney, some 'scripts for antibiotics, and some compliments on the house. 

Meanwhile, I had been scrambling to get some last minute items that we need. After calling and calling to find out the status of the super cool barstools I bought six weeks ago, I was finally told those stools were now discontinued with an arrival date of Never. Sigh.

I will spare you the whiny details of the multiple stores I visited (in the rain....with children in tow), the 18 stores I called, and the hour (plus) drive into the city to round up some kind of replacement barstools. Suffice to say, it was a headache and a half. Double sigh.

Chris is improving, but is pretty much out of commission.

Meanwhile, we were planning to finish shopping this week, head to the house this weekend, and have everything wrapped for renters arriving the following week.

Needless to say, we are both at the breathing in a paper bag portion of the program.

I don't know how it's going to play out. We are taking things moment by moment.

We are asking ourselves (and each other) the kinds of questions I think most remodelers ask at this stage, 

"What the heck were we thinking?" 

"Is this ever going to be done?" 

"Have we made a terrible mistake?"

I'm sure we will one day look back at this time and laugh at the comedy of errors. And I'm sure the next time we find ourselves here we will be asking the same questions and feeling the same panic. I really do think it's part of the process. I just wish it didn't suck so much.

~Betsy xoxo

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