Monday, March 25, 2013

Decor (and more!)

We are quickly approaching the fun part of this remodel: Decorating!

I hate construction. Which is weird, because I always want to do big remodeling projects. But, seriously, the dust, the mess, the lack of "pretty".....ugh. Not to mention it always takes waaaay longer than it's supposed to.

Decorating, on the other hand? I could endlessly move a picture 1/8 of inch to the left. Stand back. Move it a 1/16th of an inch down. Try another picture instead.


Don't get me wrong, there is still a LOT of construction yet--the entire exterior and all the windows will be ripped off/out next week and replaced--but, there are glimpses of decor. And I'd like to share them with you!

As I thought about this house, I tried to envision what sorts of things are important or useful to folks who are vacationing at the beach. And I thought back to our beach vacations.

One of the biggest issues I have found when renting a beach house is that there is a seemingly endless supply of wet stuff that has to be hung (beach towels, bathing suits, bath towels, wet shorts, etc.). Yet somehow the ratio of wet stuff to places to hang it is like 4:1.

In addition to a full washer and dryer and an outside clothes line, I am determined to turn that ratio around with hooks and towel bars throughout the house and garage!

Here's a peek at a few of the hooks we've assembled:

Beach house hooks aplenty

Bathroom doors should have plenty of places for towels and clothes:

Beach house towel hooks

Robe and towel hooks should be close by to showers (and octopi, natch):

Beach house octopus shower curtain

That shower curtain rod is also a little extra. In addition to being curved, it's a double rod. So really wet stuff (like, drippy bathing suits) can hang on the inside rod to dry.

Towel bars can even have a little something extra:

Beach house towel bars

We actually ran out of hooks and such. Don't worry, I'll get more! In the meantime, how about a sneak peak of the dining room hutch? A basket of barnacle-covered driftwood, two Coleman lanterns, and some giant bowls for your steamed crabs? Yes, please.

Beach House Decor- Hutch

Place mats at the beach should be fun, dontcha think? (Got these cuties at a local shop, Books To Be Red.) They're vinyl, so you can wipe them off easily, too!

Beach house placemats

I also unpacked these wonderful plastic tumblers my friend Janda helped me pick out months ago from her Pampered Chef site and realized they matched the kitchen backsplash perfectly!

Beach House sea glass tile

Like I said, still a long way to go, but we've also come a long way. And just gets more and more "eye candy" from here.

Speaking of eye candy...

There is always time to chase down a beautiful Ocracoke sunset:

Ocracoke Beach Sunset

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Betsy xoxo

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