Thursday, January 24, 2013

With Apologies to The Stones

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
- Paint It Black, The Rolling Stones
All week I've been humming this Stones song. Only modifying it butchering it to reflect my current situation....which is Paint It White. Not very "rock-n-roll" but pretty darn beachy.

Here is a load of kitchen cabinet shelves, bathroom vanity doors, furniture, and mirrors (with one coat of primer already done) waiting to be sprayed within an inch of their lives:
Furniture/Cabinet painting

More furniture to be painted (in our newly expanded spray booth area!):
Furniture/Cabinet painting
See that little white table up there? The upside down one? Want to see a neat trick for painting furniture like that?
Furniture/Cabinet painting
 If you drill screws into the bottom of your piece of furniture it creates nice little feet. Your piece won't get painted to your drop cloth and you can back the screws out when you're done and no one will ever see it. Neat, huh? (My husband is wicked smaht.) This cute table has metal plates on the legs....that's the tape you see.

And ta-daaaa!

Furniture/Cabinet painting

 Cute, right? I love the little metal pieces on the feet. I think I paid $50 for this table at our local antique store, Cabin Point Mercantile. You could probably find one just like it Pottery Barn for 40 kajillion dollars., thanks.

We also did a handful of mirrors. Here's one before:

Furniture/Cabinet painting

Here's the during:


We don't cover the glass before we paint because it takes too long. We use this laser sharp scraper after it's dried:
It is seriously so fast (and scary sharp). Just get a little corner started...

And viola! The after:
Way easier and faster than trying to curve tape or paper around all those bends in the frames. 
Wanna see some pretty after pics? Eeee...I know I do!

This headboard was pretty beat up. Now it looks brand spankin' new:

And here's a whole load of goodies all decked out in white--looking pretty good against those aqua walls and....oh...yes....on some new flooring!
 Oh my word....I just love it. Do you?

And here....just to keep it a little rock-n-roll edgy....a Paint It Black sunset over the beach:

 Oh, never disappoint!
~ Betsy xoxo

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